The Famine Cottage,
Slea Head Drive,
Co. Kerry.

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Famine Cottage
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It is hard to believe that, until recently, this cottage had been home to a number of visitors to the area. Some came here seeking a return to a simpler lifestyle, others such as photographers and writers seeking inspiration from this house and its surroundings. Now it lies empty, keeper of the untold secrets of its past, and a testament to the skill of the men who built it. On a beautiful summers day, when the sun shines, one can feel the heartbreak the Kavanagh family must have felt when leaving this idyllic spot, heading for the Emigration Ships. On the other hand, if you were here on a cold, blustery and wet winter's night you would appreciate how difficult it must have been for anybody to eke out a living on this mountainside. At times like these, emigration was a welcome option.

As The Cottage was opened to the public, certain aspects of the house's history and the lifestyles of those that lived here became known. As an example, different ways of forecasting the weather were used by the people, probably the most influential and potentially disruptive factor of life here.The Cormorant, a seabird native to our shores, would fly high far above the mountain letting the locals know of impending bad weather. Also, if the houses on the far peninsula were visible, the locals could expect bad weather, with cold and wind. When telling the time, the location of the sun above certain landmarks was used. When the Sun was visible over Doonbeg Fort from the Cottage, it was midday for most of the year.

The Famine Cottage, Fahan, Ventry, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Tel: 066 9156241 Mobile: 087 7622617
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